Ultimate Guide to Islamic New Year in United Kingdom 2021

The Islamic New Year is more about worship than celebrating.

A new day, a new month, or the beginning of any new thing brings hope. At the very least, we plan resolutions. The initialization is the time when we forget about our feelings. Push a restart button. Nobody knows what the new year will bring.

There is a connection between Islamic New Year and all that we stated above. It does bring hope, but it also hurts our soul. The origin has left us with lessons to learn.

Whether it is Islamic New Year in London or not, we have concluded this document to portray history.

What is Islamic New Year?

Just like Gregorian New Year, Islamic New Year is the beginning of lunar Hijri year. The first month is Muharram. Eleven other months follow the 1st one. It has other titles as well. For instance, Arabic New Year and some call it Hijri New Year.

“One of the sacred months in Islamic history is the first month of the year. Depending on the lunar cycle, it has between 29 to 30 days. The entire year of Islam depends on the moon’s position around Earth.”

For more than 1400 years, Muslims have celebrated. In August of 2021, the new Islamic year will begin. The concept of spending it is a lot different than other cultures. There is no open announcements or fireworks.

“Muslims don’t arrange indoor parties. The vision is almost the same regardless of where you are witnessing Islamic New Year. This shows the unity of Muslims around the world.”

The Islamic calendar goes back to 622CE. It was the time of the leader of the Muslims. As the start of the Islamic year, the date of the migration of the Holy Prophet Muhammad to Medina was finalized.

The date of birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad was the subject of prior suggestions.

When is Islamic New Year?

Islamic New Year begins at the end of the month Dhul Hijjah. Islamic New Year 2022 can hardly align with the start of the Gregorian year. This is because of the lunar lifecycle. Every year there is a change of almost 10 days.

The Gregorian calendar has a shorter lunar cycle than the short lunar one. The 1st of January could be the same date as the 1st of Muharram in the future.

Some Muslims have observed the 1st of Muharram on different seasons. The individuals who were born in the 90s have observed the holy month in the winter. Muslims were fasting in May during the hottest time of the year.

On Tuesday, August 9th, the Islamic New Year will start in the South Asian region. The Islamic New Year will be observed on the evening of the 29th of July, 2022, in this region.

When is Islamic New Year 2021 in UK?

On the 9th of August, the Islamic New Year is expected in the UK. The dates might be different depending on when the moon is seen. The Islamic New Year in the UK is expected to be on the 29th of July in 2022.

“There is a slight difference in the hours between the UK and the South Asian countries. If we take the time of London into account, it’s 4.”

“If the time in Pakistan is 9pm, it is 5pm in the UK. It’s helpful to know the difference between Islamic and lunar dates, but you should focus on the moon.”

There is a thin crescent moon in the sky when the Islamic New Year is around the corner.

How Muslims celebrate Islamic New Year?

For Islamic New Year 2021, the word celebration is a bit controversial. It is more of a remembrance. Muslims around the globe do not conduct ceremonies or décor their house on this day.

No one sings or greets everybody else like on Eid. There are a couple of reasons for it. Firstly, it is not an Islamic celebrative occasion. This means, according to the religious teachings, it is not an Eid.

The happiness is displayed on two holidays. It has a sad past. There were a lot of depressing Islamic incidents during the first month. Muslims just recall history because of that.

Whether being religious or not, individuals try to connect with Holy Quran. The beginning of the Islamic New Year in the UK is similar to the beginning of the holy month of Islam in the Middle East.

“Many begin to read Islamic history books to find out what happened in this month. The kids of all faiths do the same. They go to mosques and follow their elders’ footsteps. The history of Muharram is full of suffering and lesson-oriented.”

Muslims read to improve their faith. Others pay homage to the Holy month. Muslims prefer to perform Nafl prayers, which are symbols of worship and gratitude, but are not mandatory.

Tips to Spend Islamic New Year 2022 in UK

  • “History can teach you something. We’ve all read the heirloom of Hazrat Hussain. The best way to follow what he did is to follow what he did. The noble leader of Muslims didn’t give up. laihissalam was not afraid of death He and his companions were dedicated to the correct path. Islam has been guarded by His actions despite his life being at risk. You can try to become like Him. It’s important to be fearless for the right and for your family. It doesn’t mean to become rude. In a kind way, just be persistent.”
  • “Be attentive to others on this day. Shia will remember past events on Islamic New Year. This will make them very sad. Please with motivational speeches. There are good reasons for the history happening. Suggest ideas to increase faith. It’s possible for believers to weep out their sorrows to you once you are humble. They will feel a bit better.”
  • You should not forget the poor. Start a campaign for Muharram. Donate money to homeless people. You can help them with other things as well. Purchase a portable Holy Quran or books of religious leaders.
  • “If you ever get the chance to become a politician, you should follow the rules. If you want to avoid becoming barbaric, you have to. Don’t ruin the lives of the innocents by thinking of all the possibilities. Make sure to pass on traditions to the younger generation.”

“It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it”

How United Kingdom Muslims community celebrate Islamic New Year?

Islamic New Year is not celebrated as much in the United Kingdom. It is similar to other countries in that it is quiet and relies on remembrance. The UK does not offer a public holiday on this occasion.

“Although there are millions of Muslims in the world, they all take a day off or don’t work at all. Muslim business owners in London and other UK cities work fewer hours. The educational institutions do not support holidays.”

“It’s up to the Muslim student whether to take a day off. The public probably doesn’t know that the first day of the Islamic New Year is in the UK. Muslims pray at their homes.”

The Muslims have good knowledge about its holiness. In this month, the Shia community is mourning. The beloved Grandson of Holy Prophet Muhammad is remembered.

Shias wear black during the month of Muharram.

Shias are facing the same hurdles as the rest of the world. The leaders of Shia Centers in England were mentioned in an article in Tehran Times.

Shias were advised to keep the tradition alive in 2020. It is important to pass on the culture to the modern generation. The community has grown due to the personality and tragedy of Hazrat Hussayn.

It was ordered to stay out of public areas. The indoor gathering of more than 30 people was not allowed.

When is 9th and 10th Muharram in London 2021?

The 17th and 18th of August will be the dates in 2021. On the 7th and 8th of August, the 9th and 10th of Muharram will be in London. The 8th of August is when Ashura Day in London will take place.

“This will arrive in 10 days. The expected dates are the same all around the world. The time of Ashura Day in London can be altered by the moon’s appearance.”

“There is no difference in time between the United Kingdom’s cities. The country could observe the same Islamic date due to this. Despite where they live, Muslims should always rely on the moon cycle.”

The consideration of Ashura Day in London is dependent upon the moon.

What is Ashura?

It means the tenth. Every year, Ashura is linked to the day, so it is Ashura Day. It means the tenth day. There is a huge significance to the 10th of Muharram in the UK.

It is the day when the martyr, Hazrat Hussayn, was killed in the Karbala Battle.

Being the Grandson of the Islamic Prophet, it was his duty to revive the religion. laihissalam was the one who stood up for what he believed in. The Umayyad Caliphate had a caliph.

According to the Gregorian calendar, he ruled from 668 to 683. His nomination was opposed by many people in the Muslim community. Alaihissalam was one of them. Yazid had a policy of killing people who opposed him.

The Holy Grandson decided to protect and support his tribe even though he knew his life was at risk. laihissalam lost the choice of luxury life because he did not support the tyrants.

“laihissalam started traveling to Mecca, thinking that he wouldn’t be able to follow the Holy place. The thoughts went awry. His (Alaihissalam) way was blocked by the army of the brutal Yazid. 30000 soldiers surrounded him and his friends.”

He did not stop fighting. The last warning was given by Yazid who limited their access to water. It was a choice between supporting the government or getting killed. Hazrat Hussayn stood by his principles and did not support Yazid.

The result was His Martyr along with his friends. The companions were loyal throughout this time. The family was kept captive. The leadership role was taken by Hazrat Zainab who demonstrated what he had done.

Three years after the incident, the ruler died. At the time of death, even the military strength and barbaric nature are helpless.

“The legacy of Hazrat Hussain (Alaihissalam) will stay forever because of nature’s revenge.”

What happened in Muharram?

The Shahadat of Hazrat Hussain (Alaihissalam) was not the only thing that happened in the month of Muharram. There was a death anniversary of a Sufi. It is on the 5th of Muharram.

Pakistan natives consider it a sacred day, but anyone who shares the same spiritual similarity can appreciate it. He died in the year 566. On the 7th of Muharram, water access was banned by the Yazid.

The terrible event in history. Muhammad Sirajuddin Naqshbandi was born in the year 1297 AH. He was an Islamic scholar and leader of the Mughal Empire. He was the first descendant of one who built the Taj Mahal.

Indian Sufi, Ashraf Jahangir Semnani, was born in808. The local ruler of Semnan was him.

The Muslims respect Sufis. They believe that such people are loyal to faith and have an emotional religious journey. The Sufis who died centuries ago are valued by Muslims. People visit the tomb to pay homage to them.

The UK Time shared some of that.

Can non-Muslims celebrate Islamic New Year?

“They have their own choices. Islamic New Year in the UK isn’t tied to any community. It is a good idea if you are willing to spend time with your Muslim friends.”

You will understand more about the Islamic community in this way. Correcting the false image that the world assumes about Muslims is helped by this.

Can Muslims enjoy Islamic New Year in London or other places like Eid ul Fitr?

There is a difference between Islamic New Year and the holiday of Eid ul Fitr. There is no sad Islamic story attached to this Eid. It is a good day to be happy.

“Muslims don’t spend the Islamic New Year like Christians do. It’s best to stay out of the way. You can search for Muslim activities in London or other UK cities to understand the difference.”

Is Islamic New Year a public holiday in United Kingdom?

Islamic New Year is not a public holiday in the UK. England has a large number of Christians. This country believes in all belief systems. Companies give Muslims a day off.

Christians outnumber Muslims in this country. Changes could be brought to the system by the government in 2021.

Can Muslims wear new clothes on Islamic New Year 2021?

“A Muslim doesn’t have to wear a new dress. If a person can afford it, then it is fine. This isn’t a celebrative occasion, but one must avoid flattery.”

The Islamic community finds loud laughter and excessive makeup disrespectful. Purchase new stuff at Islamic New Year 2021.

Can Muslims fast on Islamic New Year 2021?

It is not compulsory for a Muslim to fast on a sacred event. It is fine to fast on any day. One needs to do some research or consult with Islamic scholars.

It is known to fast on the 9th and the 10th of Muharram.

Can Muslims perform Hajj in Muharram 2021?

Hajj is only permissible in the month, Dhul Hijjah. However, Muslims can perform Umrah during the month of Muharram, Ashura, traveling from London or elsewhere. There are certain similarities between Hajj and Umrah. Therefore, we suggest you do some research before traveling.

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